Our listed breeders worldwide have been thoroughly reviewed by a committee and they are considered Approved Breeders by the International Alliance of Kiger Breeders.  All Approved Breeders are required to adhere to our Breeder’s Code of Ethics.   If you’re interested in becoming part of IAKB, please contact us.


North America

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Double L Kigers & Three Creeks Ranch
Betty Linnell
Location:  Gold Hill, Oregon USA
Services:  Sales, Stud Service, Trail Riding
Website:  www.doublelkigerranch.com
Email:  kigers4u@gmail.com

Steve Polinger
Location:  Tucson, Arizona USA
Services:  Sales
Email:  freespiritjaguar@gmail.com

West 12 Ranch Kigers
Sarah Butterworth
Location:  Lodi, CA USA
Services:  Sales, Stud Service
Email:  sbutterworth11@gmail.com

Winterwind Kigers
Kaitlin Knox
Location:  Nova Scotia, Canada
Services:  Breeding, Training, Sales
Website: www.WinterwindKigers.com
Email:  kaitlin.knox@hotmail.com

Western Canadian Mustangs & Kigers
Rick Dibben
Location:  Alberta, Canada
Services:  Breeding, Sales
Email: rrdibben@yahoo.ca


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Team Kigers of Frejes
Jessica Furman
Location:  Gnesta, Sweden
Services:  Sales, Stud Service
Website:  www.teamkigers.com
Email: info@teamkigers.com

Real Kiger Mustang Ranch
Kerstin Kruse
Location:  Stade, Germany
Services:  Sales, Stud Service
Website: http://www.real-kiger-mustang-ranch.de/
Email: info@real-kiger-mustang-ranch.de


Tomas Lindén

Location: Sweden
Services:  Sales

Website: https://mustanger.se/
Email: tomas@linova.se

Kiger Mustangs of Rainsberg

Markus Schori

Location:  Signau, Switzerland
Services:  Sales, Consulting

Website: www.rainsbergalp.ch
Email: swisskigers@gmail.com