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The Kiger mustangs are a consolidation of the best 

Spanish featured mustangs found in the Oregon area by the BLM back in the seventies.   The breed was built around a large group found in the Beaty's Butte area.

For many, the history of the Kiger mustang is very    romantic!   It will take you back to 1977 when the famous Beatty Butte 27 were first discovered,  all exhibiting Spanish traits and the dun coloring and markings. Their preservation can be credited to three BLM employees that recognized their uniqueness and Spanish traits,  E. "Ron" Harding, BLM Wild Horse Specialist,  Willard "Bill" Phillips, BLM Area Mgr,  and Chris Vosler, BLM District Mgr.  Ron, Bill and Chris worked to set up the original HMA's, where the Kigers would be placed, and became known as Kiger and Riddle.  They implemented a plan to manage, protect, and preserve these horses.

Only mustangs from those two areas are Kiger mustangs. This amazing discovery is what eventually led to the making of the Kiger mustang breed!  Fully documented information about the history of this magnificent breed can be found on the Kiger Horse Association & Registry webstie.

Mesteño is one of the original horses captured in the Beatys Butte roundup. His appearance and excellent conformation got him selected as one of the horses to go to the new Kiger HMAs.

He went on to be one of the herd sires, serving as a wild foundation stallion for a good amount of the Kiger Mustangs you see today.

Mesteño was last seen in 1996, no longer able to keep a band of mares for himself; he would have been in or near his 30's.

Fortunately for us, we see a great deal of his strong characteristics passed down through the generations. Mesteño lives on in virtually all Kiger Mustangs.


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