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   The International Alliance of Kiger Mustang Breeders was founded in 2014. One of the main focuses of the International Alliance of Kiger Mustang Breeders is to promote high standards with ethical breeding and sales practices in order to preserve the integrity of the Kiger Mustang.  All members are required to adhere to our strict Code of Ethics.  IAKB is a subsidiary of the Kiger Horse Association and Registry, the largest registration association for Kigers!

We are dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the Kiger Mustang Breed, and the promotion of both owner and breeder responsibility, acting as ambassadors of the breed to ensure the protection and quality of Kiger Mustangs.

To become an Approved Breeder, you must complete the Breeders Alliance Application,  Supplemental Application, and sign a Code of Ethics.  These are submitted to the Alliance for approval. Your breeding stock must be registered with the Kiger Horse Association & Registry and must be DNA tested.


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