The International Alliance of Kiger Mustang Breeders was developed by the Kiger Horse Association & Registry to raise the bar for Kiger Mustang breeding standards.

If you are a current Kiger mustang owner or if you are buying your first Kiger mustang, registering your horse is a very important aspect of Kiger ownership.  Ethical breeders have registered breeding stock and in most cases register their offspring before they are sold.

Please visit the Kiger Horse Association & Registry at to become a member and register your horses.

Kiger Specific Resources:

International Kiger Mustang Directory

Kiger Breed Standard

BLM 1996 Critical Mgt Plan for Kiger Mustangs

Kiger Horse Sketch

General Resources:

Freeze Brand Identification

Horse Color & Pattern Samples

This resource page has been put together for the benefit of all Kiger mustang owners, prospective buyers, as well as other Kiger mustang enthusiasts.  If there is anything you would like to have added to this resource page please contact us.

We have compiled some information here that we think may be helpful for those looking to purchase their first Kiger mustang.  Finding the right breeder with ethical breeding practices is the first step in finding the Kiger horse that is right for you!

The International Kiger Mustang Directory includes all known registered authentic Kiger Mustangs whose pedigrees have been verified and traced back to either the Kiger or Riddle HMA. Kiger mustangs gathered from the wild from Kiger and Riddle HMA and adopted out, and their domestic bred offspring, if registered, can be included in this directory.

Not included in this directory are part blood Kiger mustangs, mustangs that trace back to an HMA other than Kiger or Riddle, (AKA Found Blood), and unregistered authentic Kiger mustangs. If you own an authentic Kiger mustang and your Kiger is not listed here, please contact us about your Kiger.

We would like this list to be as accurate and inclusive as possible as a means of providing a thorough resource for the public to utilize, especially for potential buyers wanting to be certain the horse they are considering is both registered and authentic.

Kiger Horse Association is not resposbile for inaccurate information in this diretory. Please notify the webmaster if you have reason to believe that information is incorrect.

This material is protected by Copyright and no permission is granted to any person or group to reproduce, copy, print, film, or to authorize others to do the same.

While general buying guides for horses cover a variety of information, there are certain aspects about buying a Kiger mustang that are unique to this breed. Please read over this guide in order to help you make an informed decision on your future purchase!

We’ve compiled a list of some sample questions that prospective buyers should ask a breeder. There may be additional, more specific, questions that you want to add but this list should get you started and guide you to a solid and reputable Kiger Mustang breeder.

Unfortunately, not all sales people are totally honest, and this can be found in the horse industry as well.  Choosing a reputable Kiger Mustang breeder ensures a purchase that will be the right one.  There are certain things that you should always be wary of and we’ve put together this list to remind you of breeding  practices and procedures you want to avoid when looking for your own Kiger Mustang.

The “found horse” is a controversial subject within the Kiger Mustang community and it isn’t often understood. We want to make sure that everyone understands the difference and why we’re in support of registering these horses in a different division.


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