At Rancho Bayo, we focus on Spanish/Iberian type Kigers, that make versatile and solid saddle horses.  Most of our breeding stock are foundation horses straight from the wild.

Raising horses in a ranch environment is an important part of our breeding and development program. Large areas to roam, varried terrain and stimulating surroundings keep the horses mentally and physically fit. 

From stalls to pens to pastures varying in sizes upwards of 75 acres, the kinship groups of horses are rotated between the barn and rolling acreage. This provides both a nurturing relationship with caregivers, while making sure they receive the natural social structure from their equine family.

Our youngsters have no fear of human handling, while maintaining a docile respect and natural curiosity. All training is on an individual basis as each horse develops on their own. This fosters a solid foundation which creates a calm disposition, a balanced attitude, a focused mind with a wonderful work ethic. Rancho Bayo only sells saddle started horses.  This ensures our horses have the best start in life.

No matter what your disipline or equine goals, Rancho Bayo will develop the horse of your dreams - tailored just for you.

Rancho Bayo

Texas USA

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