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Double L Kigers is proud to offer the beautiful and unique Kiger Mustang horse for sale.  We have been breeding Kiger mustangs for nearly 20 years.  Our Kiger Mustangs are ranch raised roaming on hundreds of acres growing up in an environment close to their wild counterparts. 

Many of our Kiger mustangs are Foundation Stock, meaning that they were adopted from the wild, originating directly from Riddle Mtn HMA or Kiger HMA. 

Double L Kigers & Three Creeks Ranch

Betty J Linnell

We take pride in our breeding program and breed for the Spanish type with the primitive dun factor markings and color, as established

by the BLM.  It is these things that makes the Kiger mustang a very special and unique breed.  

Kiger Mustangs make safe and reliable mounts.  We use Kiger mustangs in our Nevada Outfitter

and Guide business.  They have magnificant minds with high intelligence, wonderful dispositions, good  strong bone structure, and their beauty is just an added bonus!

International Alliance of Kiger Mustang Breeders